The optimal combination of image processing components for your application

FRAMOS_Logo_ (PresseBox) (Pullach, ) Apart from a product line of numerous image processing components, FRAMOS also offers complete system solutions suited for your applications. Our experienced team helps you to compile the optimal combination of BV components for your individual problem. For more difficult problems we have the possibility of recreating your requirements in our laboratory in order to be able to select a suitable system for you. We take care to provide rapid and competent consultation which takes into account all your criteria and subsequently offers you an efficient BV system. Apart from the technical aspects, economic criteria are also taken into account in selecting suitable products, so that we can offer you the best price-performance ratio. Our goal is to provide the best and most reliable solution to satisfy the requirements of our customers from all industrial and scientific fields, including the subsequent advisory support, so that we can perfect existing BV systems.


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Sascha Zimmermann
Senior Manager Business Development


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