5 M-Pixel CMOS Image Sensor MT9P031 for security applications

FRAMOS_Logo (PresseBox) (Pullach, ) The 1/2.5" CMOS sensor from Micron has important functionalities which were especially implemented for the security market. The electronic pan, tilt and zoom functions are very useful to pursue objects, making movable components superfluous. It is possible, thanks to the high resolution of the MT9P031, to evaluate only a small sensor area which can be arbitrarily positioned and displaced (pan/tilt function) on the entire chip surface. Very high readout speed, a rapid automatic exposure control as well as an autofocus function are sensor characteristics of the MT9P031 which enable a very small shot-to-shot delay. The sensor is especially suited for use under bad lighting conditions, since it has very high sensitivity and excellent dynamics. The sensor MT9P031 is especially suitable for high-definition security and electronic pan/tilt cameras. With its large operating temperature range of 30°C to +70°C, the MT9P031 is optimal for outdoor applications.


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