Non-polarizing Beam Splitter

For CO2 Lasers
ZnSe Beamsplitter (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Classic 50:50 beam splitters change the polarization of the incoming light. Circularly-polarized laser radiation is divided into elliptically-polarized partial beams – corresponding to the different reflection values for p-polarization and s-polarization.

LASER COMPONENTS now offers beam splitters for CO2 lasers that maintain the polarization state of the laser beam for both the reflected and the transmitted partial beam: They are called "non-polarizing beam splitters."

The coating is applied to ZnSe "laser grade" substrates at high precision Rs,p [10.6 μm] = 50% ±1%. The coating consists of several layers, one of which is germanium; thus, the beam splitter is impenetrable for light in the visible range.

Non-polarizing beam splitters are suited for a laser power of <500 W/cm². Different standard components with a diameter of between 25.0 mm and 2" are available in stock and can be provided quickly for your tests.

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