microtec GmbH - Environmental simulation: Life test and reliability test on electronic devices

Life durance tests of components, performed with climatical, mechanical and electrical stress - qualifications according to MIL STD 883, AEC-Q, ESCC and other standards
(PresseBox) (Stuttgart (Germany), ) microtec keeps expanding. Besides other services, the companies´ lab for environmental simulation is enlarged. In the sector of mechanical tests, vibration tests for devices now can be performed up to 70g acceleration; mechanical shock tests are possible up to 3.000g.
New in the field of climatic tests: a liquid/liquid-temperature shock test, which provides you with faster temperature changes than air-to-air climate chambers.

No other method realizes temperature cycles so quickly than the liquid-to-liquid-temperature shock. This temperature shock test (Chamber VFS 2/07/15/2 of Heraeus-Vötsch) simulates sudden temperature changes and shows reliability of components under extreme operation conditions. For this method, components are stored alternating in two different liquids with a temperature of e.g. +150 °C and -65°C. Temperature can be changed within 10 seconds. The liquid-to-liquid chamber can perform shock tests, e.g. according MIL STD 883, method 1011.

microtec also stores electronic components in air-to-air climate chambers under extreme temperatures from -80 °C up to +220 °C; combined with constant humidity up to 98 % or rapid change of humidity (cyclic).

In the field of mechanical tests, microtec performs vibration tests for electronic devices and modules with up to 70g acceleration in sinus mode, e.g. required in standard MIL 883. Mechanical shock tests can be performed with up to 3.000g.

Visit microtec at the electronica (November 14th - 17th ) in Munich, booth A1.563.


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