Fiber Bundles for High-Power Applications

1000s of Fibers within a Standard Connector
Fiber Bundles for High-Power Applications (PresseBox) (Olching, ) In addition to pure illumination applications, fiber bundles are also used for applications such as material processing, UV curing, photolithography, UV spectroscopy, sensor technology, analytics, UV illumination, and Raman spectroscopy. LASER COMPONENTS now offers fiber bundles for all applications: with very high packing densities and in different arrangements: round, square, linear, and hexagonal shapes are all possible. All assemblies are custom built. Production makes it possible to create single prototypes and large quantities in series. Thousands of fibers can be contained in a single fiber bundle; therefore, the active area or cross-section knows no bounds.

For high-power applications, LASER COMPONENTS has added Polymicros new Fused Fiber Bundles to the portfolio. Fiber bundles so far had a difficult time getting a foothold on the market. This can be attributed to the adhesive used on the front surface.

Thanks to the fused technology, the front surface is now free of adhesive. This improves transmission. These properties qualify fused fiber bundles for high-power laser and lamp transmissions and high-temperature applications. Power levels equivalent to the damage threshold of the fiber material used can be transmitted: generally, 1 GW/cm².

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