Top image quality under intense vibration: Exploiting the benefits of CMOS with Kowa's robust HC-V lenses

(PresseBox) (Taufkirchen, ) Munich, April 2016 – Image processing systems in production systems, quality inspection, logistics and robotics are often subject to intense direct or indirect vibration and rapid movements. With the new vibration-resistant HC-V lens series from Kowa, systems engineers can achieve a high image quality without pixel shift, even if the lenses tilt, rotate or are exposed to extreme vibration.

As they are optimised for 1" sensors with up to 4 MP, the HC-V lenses allow the benefits of modern CMOS technology to be exploited wherever high component stability is required in tough environments. This is made possible through the unique mechanical structure with internal glass elements bonded to the housing, a double nut thread for the focussing ring and variable step-up rings for fixed aperture openings. The robust HC-V series, which has an optical output that corresponds to Kowa's HC series, is available with 6 fixed focal lengths between 8 and 50 mm and is supplied by Kowa's distributor, the image processing specialist FRAMOS.

Stephanie Zahner, Line Manager for Kowa at FRAMOS, explains: "The exchangeable aperture plates create an exact, reproducible f-stop, which, together with the bonded lenses, guarantees a consistently high image quality and simplifies image processing in the software."

Replaceable iris plates to increase the stability of the lenses have taken the place of the conventional system with knurled screws to fix the iris. In addition, reversible nuts are used to lock the focussing ring. This means that the optics are perfectly suited to robotics and to stereo and 3D applications. The manual iris and focus check and the permanently defined apertures have almost eliminated deviations and adjustment errors. In particular in applications where several cameras are viewing an area of interest, exact synchronous adjustments are required and the processing unit combines multiple images, the fixed, constantly stable lens modes allow for precise evaluation without differences or shifts.

Where machines continuously shake and rattle, where robot arms, conveyor belts and their cameras are constantly in motion, Kowa HC-V lenses are the ideal solution. They extend the service life of the image processing system, increase productivity as a result of shorter system downtimes and allow for more precise evaluation with improved image quality and stability.


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