Innorobo 2016 – SemVox Makes Robots Understand

The voice control specialist and Nuance Master Distributor SemVox presents its ODP S3-dialog development platform as well as the Nuance products Nuance VoCon Hybrid and Nuance Vocalizer Expressive at Innorobo in Paris, from May 24th - 26th, 2016
(PresseBox) (Saarbrücken, ) Anthropomatics is the science that deals with the relation between humans and machines, with a focus on the research about and development of systems that satisfy the need of humans. One of the most important aims of the discipline therefore is to develop robot systems that serve humans for entertainment or to render humans other services. Robust voice recognition, complex and context-sensitive semantic processing and a natural voice output can free robots from the technoid world and can usher a new era in Human-Machine-Communication. This is where SemVox and its HMI solutions and technologies are coming into play.

“Robots will enrich our lives to a yet unimaginable extent and in plenty of shapes. In order to work together with these future assistants intuitively and naturally and to cooperate with them flawlessly in everyday life, we need a natural language control interface. The interaction with robots must be oriented towards humans, not the machine,” says Dr. Norbert Pfleger, CEO of SemVox.

The field of robotics offers the perfect environment for the deployment of speech-based interaction and assistant systems; robots, which are often designed in a human-like form, need a voice and especially an intelligent speech understanding in order to make the step from being a gadget to becoming a full-fledged assistant for our everyday lives. Also production and service robots are taken to the next level with SemVox technologies and the robust and versatile Nuance ASR and TTS solutions. With the ODP S3 platform for the development of dialog and assistance systems, the ODP Workbench SDK, Nuance VoCon Hybrid ASR and Nuance Vocalizer Expressive 2.0 TTS, SemVox offers all the tools needed for the development of high-performance voice control, dialog and assistance solutions from a single source.

At SemVox, robot manufacturers and integrators of Human-Machine-Interfaces can obtain both complete solutions as well as the needed technologies. You can find our booth at B28 in Dock Pullman of the Les Dock fairgrounds in Paris from May 24th-26th, 2016.


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