Test of image sensors (CMOS / CCD)

test of optical and electrical parameters
Detail_Nadelkarte (PresseBox) (Stuttgart (Germany), ) Independent testlab for qualification, screenings, manual- and
production tests of image sensors

Image sensors differ noticeable from all other electronic components. Therefore testing and measuring means to meet new challenges. Besides electrical parameters optical data has to be measured. The certified test lab microtec is europewide unique with offering its service to test these image sensors.

The German testlab microtec is capable to measure both optical and electrical parameters.
microtec GmbH offers perfectly suited environmental conditions for testing the sensitive image sensors, e.g. clean room level 10 with flow boxes as well as the required technical know-how.

Image sensor test
• with Bandwith up to 2,8 Gbit/s
• customer specific configuration of digital and analog Taps
• data transfer via PCI-express direct into PC-RAM
Documentation of test images can be extracted either in .bmp, .tif, .png oder .raw-formate.

Especially for security relevant applications in the automotive sector or avionic and space, microtec provides you with wide-ranged know-how and long-term experience. Besides production tests on wafer and component level, microtec performs failure analysis, qualification and characterisation on image sensors, e.g. under variable illuminance conditions, colours and operating temperatures.

Furthermore microtec offers its service for every other kind of sensor such as temperature sensors, oil sensors or pressure sensors.


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