The NanoWizard®II makes an impression in France – renowned research institute chooses the new generation NanoWizard®II BioAFM from JPK Instruments

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) The new NanoWizard®II instrument, the next generation of atomic force microscope (AFM) for Soft Matter and Life Sciences, has been selected by the Bionanotechnology platform of the recently launched Institute of Advanced Technology for Life Sciences (ITAV) in Toulouse. The Instrument will be hosted by LAAS-CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), the LAAS belongs to one of the most important scientific institutions in France, part of a worldwide network of the most respected names in fundamental scientific research.

The Nano group at LAAS, led by Professor Vieu, is focused on discovering new processes for achieving intelligent interconnections between “bottom-up” systems like molecules or self-assembled particles and microelectronic devices or microsystems. The JPK NanoWizard®II AFM will be used for the nanobiotechnology research programs of ITAV, where an instrument was required that could offer both the top performance in high resolution and stability needed for single molecule and nanoparticle imaging, along with the full flexibility for bio and optics experiments. The JPK NanoWizard®II instrument clearly led the field for this powerful combination, covering the range from physics to biology experiments.

JPK Instruments is the manufacturer of the leading AFM for BioApplications, the NanoWizard®, and a worldwide leader in transferring the latest AFM technology advances to an instrument that is seamlessly integrated with inverted optical microscopes and fully equipped for all measurements in liquid environments. The ITAV joins over 100 well-known scientific facilities worldwide who use the JPK Instruments system for challenging research projects. Both the ITAV and JPK Instruments will benefit from the new close cooperation partnership, with ITAV and LAAS making its facilities available to JPK to present the NanoWizard®II to interested scientists, and JPK making additional intstruments available for events such as the Summer school on Nanopatterning organized in Toulouse. This is in addition to the customer applications and development assistance and training through dedicated applications scientists and engineers that all JPK Instruments customers receive.

The NanoWizard®II provides leading closed-loop performance and easier handling in the complex applications down to the subnanometer level. Designed for use in liquid or gas, the highly sensitive tip-scanning system sets the new peak performance level for high resolution imaging, force spectroscopy, nanomanipulation and lithography.
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