Turning waste into fuels using efficient, environmentally friendly system solutions from Putzmeister

System solution with KOS 2180 pump, mixer and buffer trough for conveying fly ash at the power plant in Zonguldak, Turkey (PresseBox) (Aichtal, ) Putzmeister are the experts when it comes to designing and building plants that employ sophisticated systems engineering. The storage and use of sludge and high-density materials is performing an increasingly important role in the diverse field of environmental technology. The key component of all such systems is provided by Putzmeister pumps, which are capable of pumping materials with a high solids content. These reliable and robust pumps can handle foreign bodies in the material that are up to two thirds of the size of the pipeline's diameter. Other components are also used in addition to silos, bunkers, mixing units, pipelines with accessories and process controllers.

Putzmeister plans and engineers material conveying and transporting solutions that employ process technology; it delivers items of machinery, assembles and starts them up at the customer's premises, and even offers a comprehensive service after handing the system over. In Putzmeister, operators benefit from a partner that boasts both experience and expertise, and that will accept ultimate responsibility for everything.

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