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SemVox ODP S3 allows integrators and OEMs to stay in full control of the development of intelligent conversational assistants, without the dependency on black box solutions like Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana
Assistance in the Car (PresseBox) (Saarbrücken, ) Users of speech-based assistant platforms like Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana surely are united in their dream of being able to utter their wishes in plain, simple language and to get a matching answer or prompt an appropriate action from a machine. The latest attempt, Google Assistant, promises to deliver exactly this: By means of machine learning and reasoning technologies, Google Assistant is said to provide seamless cross-device assistance with context-based inquiries and the resolution of complex one-shot-tasks.

This is undoubtedly a vision that has arrived in our reality already. However, all these virtual assistants suffer from at least one big problem: the lack of controllability of parameters by the OEM and integrator who wish to use these platforms in their products, and in many cases also the dependency on the availability of an Internet connection to access the necessary cloud services.

With SemVox ODP S3 (Ontology-based Dialog Platform), none of this is a problem: ODP S3 based solutions give SemVox customers full control over all parameters and they run cloud-based, embedded or hybrid. In this way, incalculabilities with respect to the technical realization and integration as well as with the availability of services can be neglected. SemVox can create long-term security for the whole product lifecycle.

SemVox ODP S3 uses innovative semantic technologies and extensive ontologies. It’s not only future-proof and highly flexible but also extremely powerful and serves as the basis for the connection of all kinds of apps, programs, databases and hardware. All these components are context providers for SemVox ODP S3 and allow it to perform highly complex reasoning processes – SemVox ODP S3 learns. And because ODP S3 based solutions can run independently from the operating system and without the need for an Internet connection, seamless cross-device integration isn’t a problem either.

With ODP S3, chat-bots, cars, Smart Homes and robots become truly intelligent assistants – without a Black Box and without Big Brother. This is how SemVox becomes the first and most reliable point of contact for integrators and OEMs who want to realize real conversational assistance in their products.


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