ProtectStar allocates the "ProtectStar Innovation AWARD" to the innovative Wallet Flash by Walletex

ProtectStar Innovation AWARD - Walletex Wallet Flash (PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) ProtectStar Inc, the independent IT and communications security expert active worldwide, today conferred Walletex with the "ProtectStar Innovation AWARD" for the Wallet Flash.

This innovative and ingenious solution has been developed and patented by the Walletex company with head office in Rishon-Lezion, Israel.
Wallet Flash is the world's first USB flash storage device in the shape of a credit card as well as the slimmest USB product in the world. It is so small and so slim that it can be conveniently kept in a wallet, just like a credit card.

Over the last few weeks, the product has successfully passed the "ProtectStar Innovation AWARD" series of tests.
Among the features commended by the test conductors were its low energy consumption, large storage capacities (currently up to 2GB), long life expectancy and its almost indestructible material.

The complete series of tests on the Wallet Flash along with further information on the "ProtectStar Innovation AWARD" are available free of charge from the following ProtectStar internet pages: (English) (German)


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