Common project with Engine Overhaul Services GmbH (N3) ...increased availability and safety

Ms. Roswita Riemann (Commodity Lead Buyer N3) and Mr. Marco Mergen (Manager After-Sales & Service CTI Systems) during commissioning of engine material handling (PresseBox) (Lentzweiler, ) The 8th of Mai 2015, N3 Engine Overhaul Services (N3) in Arnstadt and CTI Systems has taken a reengineered Monorail Crane System for transport of Aircraft engines into operation.

Engineering,manufacturing and commissioning has been completed by cooperation with TÜV Thüringen, CTI Systems and the test station supplier CENCO.

CTI technical solution includes, beside multifunctional movements offers a redundant safety concept for docking of Aircraft engines.

The system is designed for a maximum weight of 35 metric tonnes, 17 metric tonnes on the load hook and with further traverse separately up to 25 metric tonnes.

Beside occupational safety consideration, the precision to adapt the Aircraft engine has been increased significantly.

In addition, the concept includes capacity reserves for future maintenance of larger Aircraft engines.

This ensures immediate capacity for future competitiveness of N3.


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