Build-to-Order: Custom Single Board Computers from Syslogic

Industrial grade CPU boards
Lüfterloser Single Board Computer (SBC) von Syslogic (PresseBox) (Waldshut-Tiengen, ) Exceptional requirements for small to medium volumes, this is where the embedded specialist Syslogic comes into play. They offer single board computers (SBCs) that can be adapted to almost anything in terms of interface assignment (Build-to-Order). Syslogic produces an initial test sample within two weeks.

The embedded specialist Syslogic offers industrial-suited single board computers (SBCs). The latest generation of Syslogic SBCs has BayTrail processors from Intel. The single board computers developed by Syslogic are designed so that customizations (build-to-order) are possible even for small quantities.

Growing demand for build-to-order SBCs
Syslogic is one of the few European embedded manufacturers that has its own development and production, including SMD placement. Thanks to this vertical integration and thirty years of experience in the embedded market, Syslogic can implement customizations (build-to-order) in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Syslogic offers this service starting from quantities as small as 25 copies.

Florian Egger, sales manager at Syslogic, says: "Our typical customers need an embedded solution that’s available "off the shelf." Syslogic is correspondingly strongly anchored in the project business, says Egger.

Single board computers with flexible interface assignment
Most embedded manufacturers rely on boards from Asian manufacturers. This means that the configuration capability is very limited. Syslogic takes a different approach and uses a two-board solution. This consists of a core board and a carrier or main board, which can be adapted quickly and easily. Syslogic customers thus benefit from a high level of flexibility at an attractive price.

The basis for customizations is a CPU board that is already used in various box PCs and HMI systems from Syslogic. As a standard, the board has CAN, USB, RS232 and RS485 interfaces. A customized single board computer can be derived from this, which is virtually limitless in terms of interface assignment. Possible supplements are an LVDS interface, a mini-PCI interface for plug-in card expansion or a radio module for LTE/UMTS/GSM.

Scalable processors with up to 1.91 GHz of power
In addition to interfaces, Syslogic also adapts processors to customer requirements. The single board computers are built on the BayTrail platform from Intel Atom. Single, dual and quad-core processors are available to choose from. The quad-core version (Intel Atom E3845) has a clock frequency of 1.91 GHz. This makes even computationally intensive visualizations possible.

Regardless of which processor is used, the Syslogic single board computers can be cooled without fans and are suitable for an expanded temperature range from –40 to +85 degrees.

A functional sample within two weeks
Syslogic sees a broad application area for the single board computer. Sales manager Egger says: "We are addressing all industrial companies who have exceptional requirements and demand small to medium quantities." In addition to the clever industrial design and the high level of flexibility, the rapid provision of a test device is fundamental for many customers, says Egger.

This is exactly where Syslogic comes into play. With their own software and hardware engineers and with prototype production in a German plant, Syslogic usually provides a custom functional sample within two weeks. Highly specialized companies from the fields of automation, transportation, railway, robotics or medical technology accordingly rely on build-to-order products from Syslogic.


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