The new imaging software SilverFast HDR Studio brings all aspects of digital imaging into focus

SilverFast Clone-Tool Before/After Picture (PresseBox) (Kiel, ) The new SilverFast HDR Studio 8.8 has been developed for users, who are searching for a single image processing software, that incorporates all important color reproduction and color management tools, without overwhelming the user with filters and effects. Maximum quality is guaranteed through the combination of the RAW workflow and the interaction of the individual dust and scratch removal tools.

“Many users have realized that there are many competitive products to Photoshop. The important part is the concept, which stands behind the individual software solutions. Our goal has been the same for decades: to reproduce the original appearance of the image as close as possible.” says Mr. Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, CEO, President and founder of LaserSoft Imaging with regard to SilverFast HDR Studio.

The concept of SilverFast HDR Studio is such that the original file will always remain untouched. SilverFast, therefore, collects all changes made to the image, and places these in the correct order with respect to the entire workflow. When the image is processed, a new image is then generated, which takes into account all necessary corrections. The original RAW file is thus left untouched. Different from other image editing software, the user does not have to worry about what correction to make at which stage. In order to obtain the highest possible quality, SilverFast always works with all the available data.

The latest SilverFast HDR Studio version now incorporates a new clone tool, and therefore provides the user with all the necessary tools for complete dust and scratch removal. Combined with the hardware-based iSRD and the software based SRDx, the clone tool is able to remove all defects—such as scratches, dust, fingerprints or even small physical cuts— from the original image.

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