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Exact load cycle Management / New levels of efficiency for aeration tanks
AERZEN Performance³ (PresseBox) (Aerzen, ) Various wastewater technologies are used to find the right solution for every application. The main ones are turbo blowers, rotary piston blowers and rotary lobe compressors. For maximum energy efficiency, it is ideal to combine these high performance technologies. Of course, they have to be perfectly harmonised with one another – Performance³.

In biologically working municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants the production of oilfree process air re-quires a considerable amount of electrical energy. However, an optimal solution with highest possible energy efficiency can only be achieved when the compressor performances can be adjusted continuously to the alternating consumption due to unsteady waste water quantities and degrees of pollution. As the consumption not only varies due to the highly fluctuating load in the morning or late at night, but also by additional waste water from industrial plants working during the week and by alternating amount of precipitation.

Often seasonal situations need to be considered, e.g. as for holiday areas. Another important influencing factor are high temperature differences e.g. by summer- and winter operation or in regions that are known for extreme amplitudes such as Canada, Russia or others. Only when all criteria are considered for the conception of the process air production, the optimum compressor system will be chosen in the correct configuration. However, the required process air can only be produced with highest-possible energy efficiency when the selected concept has a sufficiently variable performance spectrum and when an optimal selection of basic- and peak load systems will be fully automatically activated demand-related.

Compound design concepts for highest possible energy-efficiency.

Thanks to many years of experience the process air demand of a wastewater treatment plant can be produced with highest possible energy efficiency when it is implemented by various machine types with different ratings, that can be defined as ideal base-/ and peak load units depending on their constructive features and performance ranges. The physical advantages of a continuous-flow machine - the high efficiency of the design point - with the advantages of rotary piston machines - can be perfectly combined with the high controllability and the good efficiency, also in part-load operation. With the three series, turbo blower Aerzen Turbo, positive displacement blower Delta Blower and rotary lobe compressor Delta Hybrid AERZEN now provides the optimal preconditions. The program includes the following for the customized process air generation.

For generation of the base load requirement:

-           Adjustable AERZEN turbo blowers of series AT Turbo Generation 5

(available volume flows: from 300 to 16.200 m³/h, pressure range from 400 to 1000 mbar, middle control range: 40 to 100%).

For generation of peak- or light load requirements:

-           Adjustable AERZEN positive displacement blower series Delta Blower

(available volume flows: 30 to 15.000 m³/h, pressure range from -500 mbar negative pressure to 1000 mbar positive pressure, control range: 25 to 100%).

-           Adjustable AERZEN rotary lobe compressor series Delta Hybrid

(available volume flows: 110 to 9000 m³/h, pressure range -900 negative pressure to 1500 mbar positive pressure, control range: 25 to 100%).

By means of this three-point-program, AERZEN offers the ideal preconditions for implementation of a very energy-efficient process air station and a solution ‘from one source’. And the specialists from AERZEN guarantee an optimally adapted overall concept, for highest operation safety, reliability and efficiency.


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