Abrasive cosmetics filled reliably

Hand wash pastes dosed wear-free using ViscoTec filling pumps
Abrasive Handwaschpaste dosieren (PresseBox) (Töging a. Inn, ) Hand wash pastes containing abrasive friction and lubrication gel materials are used in most trades and industries. These pastes remove stubborn dirt, such as oil, grease or glue residue from the hands. The lubricating gel and friction particles in the pastes mechanically remove the dirt and it is these substances which are considered to be the most abrasive liquids in the cosmetics sector. The dosing system faces a challenge to fill this fluid into standard packaging (such as buckets, tubes or bags). The filling process incurs high-maintenance costs and downtime due to the above-average wear caused by the abrasiveness of the liquid. With its endless piston principle, ViscoTec offers a technology that allows the paste to be filled with virtually any wear and tear. The paste is volumetrically conveyed by the rotor and stator geometry, thereby avoiding high pressure build up, concentration of solid particles and shearing of the fluid. The conveying principle therefore counteracts the factors influencing the so-called abrasive wear.

In a continuous test carried out at ViscoTec, this perfect filling behaviour could be impressively demonstrated: over the duration of a week, a commercial hand wash paste was pumped in a non-stop cycle through a ViscoTec 2RD30 hygienic pump. The pump ran at 60 revolutions per minute, which is a typical speed for this type of pump. The main components of the pump, the rotor and the stator, were measured at the beginning and end of the test. Despite the extremely abrasive particles in the paste, no wear or tear was detected in the measurements. Both at the beginning and end of the week, the results were identical.

This trial has helped to demonstrate that the endless piston principle, with its minimal-wear dosage of abrasive media and cosmetics, is clearly the right choice. With its high level internal know-how and extensive validation phase of vital components, ViscoTec more than qualifies for this type of application. From a customer perspective, a significant increase in effectiveness of the filling process for the pastes can be achieved, with a decrease in costs and maintenance down time.


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