Shape Your Laser Beam into a Ring Profile

For All Transversale Modes with M² < 20
Axikon DOE (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Laser beams with a ring-shaped profile are required in ophthalmology, laser welding, and the material ablation of thin films.

The ring profile must be produced. Often, classic axicons are used for this purpose: conical lenses and rotation-symmetrical prisms. These elements convert a laser beam with a Gaussian profile into a Bessel beam. Axicons are very difficult to produce for very large or very small fan angles, an optimal ring profile generally cannot be achieved.

LASER COMPONENTS now introduces Holo/OR diffractive optics with an axicon structure. The advantages are immense: Irrespective of the fan angle, the ring profile is always perfect because the beam profile is produced using a grating.

Suited for all lasers with M² &lt; 20, these elements may consist of thin fused silica or ZnSe. They are suited, for example, for single-mode fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and solid-state lasers. The incident beam can exhibit any TEMxy mode. There are more than fifteen standard designs available with a peak-to-peak ring angle of 0.05° to 30° at 1064 nm, for example.

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