arvato Systems Provides Directory Service for Beneficial Applications Within the TI

Central Telematics Infrastructure (TI) for Electronic Health Insurance Card
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  • arvato Systems provides directory service for communication between service providers
  • Application facilitates secure communication in the healthcare industry
The telematics infrastructure for the electronic health insurance card (eGK) has taken another important step forward: arvato Systems has completed the handoff of the directory service, which facilitates confidential communication between service providers (KOM-LE) and protects the integrity of the data.

As a beneficial application, KOM-LE facilitates confidential communication between service providers and their institutions within the healthcare industry TI. For example, doctors can exchange sensitive patient records in a digitally signed and encrypted format via an e-mail interface directly from the patient management system. They will no longer need to send them via the Internet or fax as they did previously, which potentially put patient information at risk. Other beneficial applications will use the directory service alongside KOM-LE in the future.

arvato Systems handed off the directory service (for KOM-LE and other applications) on schedule after successfully completing the design and implementing the project. During the next phase, gematik will conduct further tests of the service.


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