Cloud, Hybrid and Reasoning for the Automotive HMI of the Future | SemVox at ConCarExpo 2016

The voice control and dialog system specialist SemVox presents its AI-based ODP S3 dialog development platform and cloud-based NLU solutions for the automotive sector on the ConCarExpo 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, on June 29th and 30th, 2016
Assistenz im Fahrzeug mit ODP S3 (PresseBox) (Saarbrücken, ) Modern automotive HMI-solutions not only have to be able to perform simple control functions. In order to fulfill the demands that are put on the scope of functionalities as well as on the ease of use, sophisticated systems employ technologies from the field of Artificial Intelligence, making them true virtual personal assistants. An efficient AI learns from the context and user behavior to adapt the system reaction accordingly. The revolution in the car is the dialogical pro-active assistance that found its way from the smartphone into almost any space of our daily lives. The networked car is on its way to become a virtual personal assistant on four wheels, and new, cross-device usage and application concepts are discovering a new automotive living space.

With ODP S3, SemVox offers a very powerful software platform including an SDK that allows the developer to fulfill all demands put on a multimodal automotive HMI for the future – and more.

Unlike when using applications like Apple Siri or Google Voice as closed dialog services, all system components are under full control of the dialog developer when using ODP S3, creating predictability and future security, while at the same time increasing efficiency. Another immanent advantage of ODP S3 is its hybrid capability: The functionality of the HMI and its apps always stays intact – no matter if there is an Internet connection available or not, the user will not notice the seamless switching between the embedded and cloud-based operation modes.

Furthermore, the modular design of ODP S3 allows the designer to cover and control all possible interaction phenomena by means of task distribution to dedicated modules. ODP S3 also has interfaces that make it possible to communicate between several devices and channels (Onboard Data & Services) while ensuring the enrichment of available contexts in a dynamic and flexible manner (Online Data & Services). Here, information for example from the GPS or telephone devices are integrated into the system and become available for retrieval in semantic form. The access to different external services delivers additional information necessary to fulfill a task – for example weather information requests or table reservations at a restaurant.

With ODP S3 and the ODP Workbench, SemVox shows how multimodal proactive and intelligent assistant functionalities, the most important topic for automotive HMI today, can be developed and integrated in an unsurpassed easy, fast and especially powerful way.

Visit us at ConcarExpo in Düsseldorf on June 29th and 30th, 2016! You will find our stand #40 in the Stadthalle of the Congress Center Düsseldorf, Germany. We are looking forward to your visit!

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