Schneider-Kreuznach wants to be closer to its markets

Schneider-Kreuznach is increasing its profits / The group is growing closer together / In future, it wants to strengthen partnerships with customers
Dr. Thomas Kessler, managing director of the Schneider Group (PresseBox) (Bad Kreuznach, ) Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH in Bad Kreuznach and its subsidiaries generated revenue totaling 67.5 million euros in 2015, a slight improvement of around 0.5 % compared to the previous year. At the same time, the operating result was up to 1.5 million euros (+ 0.5 million euros compared to 2014). The group with locations in Germany, the USA and Asia aims to grow together more and increase its market proximity. “We want to involve customers at a very early stage of development projects and create new products and innovations that are as close to the market as possible,” says Dr. Thomas Kessler, CEO of the Schneider Group. To this end, the optical specialist is actively looking to establish partnerships with customers. At the same time, the company aims to strengthen the skills profiles of the individual locations as well as boosting interdisciplinary teamwork. Considerable growth potential is expected above all from industrial applications.

With its expertise in optics and precision mechanics, the Schneider Group develops and manufactures optical systems with high-precision resolution for film, photography and industry applications. It also produces optical and precision components. Schneider-Kreuznach’s Xenon FF-Prime lenses are a new series of lenses developed especially for full-frame sensors and 4K resolution. The individual lenses have a uniform design and create a unique “film look”. The series is currently being expanded with an 18-millimeter wide-angle lens.


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