Embedded Box PC for rail vehicles bridges power failures

Syslogic at InnoTrans 2016
Railway Computer Compact 8 for rolling-stock applications (PresseBox) (Waldshut-Tiengen, ) Just in time for the InnoTrans railway trade fair, Syslogic is presenting a new version of the Railway Computer Compact 8. The new box PC bridges power failures for up to ten milliseconds, thereby meeting the industry standard EN50155, class S2. The fanless railway computer is extremely robust and was developed specifically for rolling stock use.

The new Railway Computer Compact 8 from the embedded specialist Syslogic ideally meets the requirements of the railway industry. The device will be presented to industry professionals for the first time at this year's InnoTrans, the world's largest railway trade fair. It is suitable as a data logger, PIS computer (passenger information system), control processor, content server, communication computer or network video recorder.

The railway computer meets railway standards EN50155 and EN45545
Meeting the industry standards is an important criterion for embedded computers, which are used in railway applications. The Railway Computer Compact 8 is approved for a temperature range of –40°C to +85°C at the component level, thereby meeting the standard EN50155, class TX. Furthermore, the railway computer offers a power failure bridge of up to 10 milliseconds according to EN50155, class S2 as well as complete EN61373 compliance with regard to shocks and vibrations, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and electrical insulation requirements. In addition, the device meets the fire protection standard for railway vehicles according to EN45545.

Box PC consistently developed for railway vehicles
The Railway Computer Compact 8 was systematically developed for rolling stock applications. It has a galvanically isolated voltage input. In addition, the railway computer, including the ignition controller, can be configured via wide-range power inputs for DC voltage between 16.8 and 110 volts. The built-in CPU boards are protected against condensation with a special finish. In addition, all electronic components are firmly soldered enabling the box PC to resist constant vibrations. The processor platform from the BayTrail product line of Intel Atom that is used has a very low power consumption, which guarantees high MBTF values (Mean Time between Failures).

The new box PC for railway application is maintenance-free. It is passively cooled and has an industrial SSD memory instead of a hard disk. In addition, supercapacitors are installed instead of batteries to support the RTC backups (real time clock).

Florian Egger, sales manager at Syslogic, says: "Our many years of railway experience is incorporated in the development of the new Compact 8 railway computer." Renowned companies such as Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens and Stadler Rail would use the Syslogic box PC in their rail vehicles, says Egger.

A high level of flexibility in terms of interfaces
Syslogic is one of the few European companies in the embedded market that develops and manufactures its own computers. The company is flexible in terms of interface adjustments thanks to this expertise and vertical integration. As a standard, the Railway Computer Compact 8 has two-gigabit LAN connections, two RS232 connections and two USB connections as well as one DVI connection. Sturdy M12 connector plugs were used for the LAN interfaces and the power supply. For position determination and data transfer, the railway computers can be equipped with GPS and LTE/GSM/UMTS functions. The connection to typical railway BUS systems, such as real-time Ethernet, TCN, WTB, ProfiNET or MVB, occurs via optional expansion cards, which are easy to integrate.


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