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Dometic WAECO and Idemitsu Lube Europe seal a strategic partnership
Sealing a future-orientated partnership: Detlef Bergemann of Idemitsu Lube Europe, Franz-Josef Esch and Guido Sasse of Dometic WAECO (from left) (PresseBox) (Emsdetten, ) Air conditioning specialist Dometic WAECO from now on offers its customers original refrigerator oils from Idemitsu for use in automotive air conditioning systems. To this end, the two companies have recently sealed a strategic partnership covering a cooperation in refrigerator oils for R 134a and R 1234yf A/C systems. Both firms will offensively communicate this move to the public at Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt.
“Dometic WAECO, being the leading manufacturer of A/C service equipment, is the perfect choice for distributing our high quality oils,” considers Detlef Bergemann, Business Manager Industrial Lubricants at Idemitsu Lube Europe GmbH. The concepts and strategies Dometic WAECO pursued in the past, and the company’s decades of experience in dealing with PAG oils, have prompted the Japanese global market leader to force the cooperation with the Westphalian A/C specialists.

“We are proud to integrate the high quality products of Idemitsu Lube Europe GmbH into our portfolio. It enables us to make our customers an even better offer where consumables are concerned,” says Guido Sasse, Dometic WAECO Business Development Manager. The decisive argument for the recently sealed strategic partnership was the patented moisture-free professional feeding system for PAG oils Dometic WAECO has developed for its ASC series A/C service stations. “We are going to any lengths to optimise our production processes and ensure that no moisture can penetrate into the various PAG oils,” explains Mr Bergemann. The Dometic WAECO system represents the highest quality standard, which in turn guarantees expert storage of the oils as well as competent service on automotive air conditioners in the workshop, he adds.
The new oils will be launched to the market directly after this year’s Automechanika trade show. They will be named “WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oil 1234yf”, “WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oil PS-F” and “WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oil PR” and bear the addition of “Powered by Idemitsu”. The oils are all based on the “Idemitsu double end-capped PAG Daphne Hermetic Oil”, the carrier used for all current oil types.
“Dometic WAECO is going to introduce this oil at all of its partner companies worldwide, because we are fully aware of how crucial it is to use the optimal oil for the respective type of compressor and refrigerant”, confirms Franz-Josef Esch, head developer at Dometic WAECO.
Further information will be made available to everyone interested at the Automechanika trade show. Dometic WAECO will be presenting on booth A44 in hall 9.

Idemitsu is the world's leading manufacturer of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) oil, the primary lubricant used for automotive air conditioners. Daphne Hermetic PAG oils offer superior performance, longevity and system compatibility.

Dometic WAECO is the market leader in professional A/C service units for passenger car, utility vehicle and bus workshops. As a full-range manufacturer, the company provides its customers with all tools, spares and consumables required.



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