Tianma NLT TFT Displays now at Distec

High-quality, industrial TFT displays with wide viewing angle, high brightness, and excellent image quality
Distec now offers Tianma NLT TFT displays in sizes 5.7 to 19 inches / Copyright: Tianma NLT Europe (PresseBox) (Germering, ) Distec - leading German specialist for TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications - now offers Tianma NLT TFT displays in sizes 5.7 to 19 inches. "This addition to our product range is due to the acquisition of Distec by Fortec AG," explained Leonhard Spiegl, Product Manager Components at Distec GmbH. "These high quality industrial TFT displays feature an excellent product quality and a long-term availability." Very wide, symmetrical viewing angle, high brightness, long life LED backlights, or integrated LED converter are just a few of their outstanding features. Therefore, they are suitable for a multitude of applications e.g. industrial, automotive, or medical fields.

New Tianma NL192108AC18-02D in wide format and full HD

For a start, Distec presents the new NL192108AC18-02D. The 15.6" TFT display features a wide format and provides full HD resolution with 1920x1080 pixels 15.6" (39.6cm) diagonal. A brightness of 400cd/m² and an excellent image quality thanks to SFT technology, symmetrical wide viewing angles from all directions, and a good contrast ratio without color tilting support an attractive device design. The NL192108AC18-02D is very compact: with a width of 363.80 mm and a height of 215.90 mm, the display has a depth of only 6.3 mm. The backlight is specified with a long lifetime of nearly six years of continuous operation. The LED converter for driving the backlight is integrated into the panel. Its low power consumption of 13.9 watts enables 24/7 operation of the TFT display in closed, self-sufficient systems, which is important for systems depending on quality and reliability, for example in medical diagnostics. The display is connected to all current systems via a 2ch LVDS interface. A version with eDP interface will be launched at the same time. Samples of the NL192108AC18-02D are available with short notice.

Distec GmbH also offers the display with their proven Prisma TFT controllers as a plug & play kit solution. Various controller options are available to choose from. In addition, Distec can provide custom cover glasses and/or a variety of touch panels for the display. As an option, Distec uses VacuBond - the most advanced optical bonding method - for assembly. VacuBond reduces light refraction and increases the contrast. No moisture can penetrate between the glass panes, preventing condensation and fogging. Apart from considerably improved sunlight readability, a bonded display is more robust, features an improved resilience against mechanical shock and better heat dissipation. This expands the fields of application significantly.


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