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InnoTrans Logo (PresseBox) (Dresden, ) The company dresden elektronik verkehrstechnik gmbh offers an alternative for the conventional paper timetable – an electronic display based on e-paper. The flexible e-paper display inside the system does not need any energy to display the content. Only an update requires minimal power because of power-saving electronics.

New and to be seen at the InnoTrans in Berlin at booth 401 of the company dresden elektronik verkehrstechnik gmbh in hall 4.1 there is a solution for the rural area. It is named Green Station and it gets supplied by solar energy or battery. The expense of installation is very low because no cables have to be laid and the device can easily get integrated either on a pole or into an existing stele. Data can be transmitted via DAB+ or mobil radio. This turnkey solution does not only preserve the environment also the moneybag of public transport companies. From a central office you are able to change the timetable and to react when e.g. a bus stop will not get covered. With the integration of a LCD it is possible to show real-time data. Transport companies could finally satisfy their passengers in the countryside and make the use of public transportation more attractive with this cost-effective dynamic passenger information. The variant Urban Station for urban areas already exists since 2 years.

Regarding the dynamic passenger information in the cities conventional LED displays could get replaced by e-paper. With the 31.2 large e-paper it is possible to display the same content in high definition. The advantage, in addition to the perfect readability, is the high energy saving.

Compared to LEDs the e-paper does not require lighting during day and thus not operated all the time.

Also this application will be shown at the InnoTrans at booth 401 of dresden elektronik in hall 4.1.

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