High-performance polymers through solution viscometry

The modular PVS processor viscosity system for high sample throughputs can be easily configured and upgraded to user requirements (PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) The performance of polymers is mainly determined by the chain length and degree of polymerization. Solution viscometry reliably provides knowledge of these parameters and enables predictions to be made about mechanical properties.

The quality of the properties of high-performance polymers must be reliable and consistent irrespective of whether used in an automobile, an aircraft, a smartphone or other high-value consumer goods. Solution viscometry is a globally recognized, successful and reliable method which ensures this quality and has been established in international standards for several decades.

LAUDA Scientific, Germany's market leader for automatic viscometry systems in the plastics industry, is presenting the modular options of automatic viscosity measurement at this year's K Trade Fair.

Duo.Visc with two independent thermo-electric heating and cooling systems guarantees stable and precise measurements on the smallest footprint for kinematic viscosity measurements with Ubbelohde, Micro-Ubbelohde or Cannon Fenske.

The modular PVS processor viscosity system for cost-effective system solutions is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the applications. Flexible configurations and automation have ensured the success of the viscosity measuring system for many years, especially with higher sample throughputs.

Further information: LAUDA Scientific, Hall 10, Stand B21


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