New design options for automotive lighting

Leonhard Kurz presenting innovative backlit designs at K 2016
An automotive door trim with day design produced using the Kurz IMD process (PresseBox) (Fürth, ) A refined burl wood, cool chrome or elegant piano black look by day, mood lighting at night - Leonhard Kurz, one of the world’s largest suppliers of decoration solutions for the automotive sector, has developed novel lighting design solutions that give automotive interiors a special ambience. In doing so, the company has responded to the growing trend for individualization. An increasing number of automotive customers have a desire to stand out from the crowd and create their own personal feel-good space. They want their car to be a place of retreat from the stresses of the outside world. Sophisticated ambient lighting can play a substantial role in this. Symbol illumination also needs to fulfil these stringent requirements and be accommodated within the interior lighting design, whilst ensuring that drivers can quickly take in the required information.

Full-surface and partial backlighting

Kurz offers a wide range of decoration technologies for functional and stylish symbol illumination, and for surface designs with unusual lighting effects. This includes full-surface backlighting of carbon, wood, metal or colored designs. When the illumination is activated, the structures of the base designs are maintained or presented in a modified form, and completely different color and material effects are created as well.

Partially backlit designs can also be implemented. During daylight, the viewer sees a single- or multi-colored solid decorative surface; when backlit, both opaque and translucent elements become visible, whereby various levels of transparency are possible. Kurz has also developed designs that appear as a simple and elegant surface decoration when not illuminated, but develop a fascinating depth effect when backlit.

Kurz will be presenting several of these new design solutions at the international trade fair for plastics and rubber, K 2016, from October 19 - 26 in Düsseldorf. Visitors will be able to see a diverse range of decorated and backlit automotive interior components.

Dead front effects, touch and gesture functions

The new design possibilities from Kurz encompass not only backlit surface designs, but also the ability to implement dead front effects and integrate touch and gesture functions. Using Kurz’s own sensor technology based on the PolyTC technology of its subsidiary PolyIC, plastic parts can be equipped with a sensor function which, if desired, can be non-visible when inactive. During daylight, the viewer sees a solid, opaque decorative surface; on touching or approaching it, a light source is activated and a control panel becomes visible.

Visitors to the Kurz booth A19 in Hall 5 at K 2016 can test this functionality for themselves on demonstration parts with a touch control panel as well as gesture control and a dead front effect. Visitors can also expect to see a trackpad demonstrator with backlightable symbols produced by means of IMD (in-mold decoration) technology, and an integrated multi-touch function.


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