The New RFID Reader from noax

Rugged and Easy-to-Use
The new RFID reader from noax – increased versatility means more alternative applications for users with demanding requirements (PresseBox) (Ebersberg, ) noax Technologies AG has developed a new RFID reader specifically for harsh working environments. Direct integration with noax industrial PCs allows for ergonomic workstation design. With the new reader, noax also supports a large number of RFID standards such as Hitag, Mifare, and Legic®.

Demanding environments with a wide range of applications

Many facilities require user authentication in certain areas to guarantee security. The noax RFID reader can be equipped with a badge or special cards to ensure traceability and the method is easily implemented in production environments. Developed for harsh operating environments, the new noax RFID reader meets the same rugged requirements as the noax industrial PCs. The RFID reader satisfies the needs of a large number of users thanks to its resistant design, flexibility, and versatility. The reader complies with the IP65 protection standard and protects against dust and low pressure water. The noax RFID readers offer installation on stand-alone devices, such as on work tables, or attached directly to the IPCs. This permits an ergonomic design for direct use of the reader at a workstation or on a forklift. The RFID readers are able to be retrofitted to existing industrial PCs.

Greater flexibility provides alternative options

This multi-format reader is not only compatible with many RFID standards such as Hitag, Mifare, and Legic®, but also supports other standards such as near field communication (NFC) and ISO 14443. The RFID reader can be connected via a COM port or USB interface allowing for convenient use.

noax offers customers the option to program the RFID reader according to a customer’s specific needs. This means that the reader’s output data format can be adapted to the requirements of a wide range of environments and extended with any prefixes and suffixes. This makes it effortless to integrate new hardware into existing environments in the future.

Thanks to its versatility and the option of integrating the reader into existing environments, you can continue to use your tried-and-tested hardware without having to reinvest. The noax RFID reader simplifies work processes due to its ruggedness, broad range of applications, and straightforward operation. The reader is a perfect match for the needs and requirements of a variety of customers, particularly in the area of logistics.


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