IMO presents a new pitch bearing at WindEnergy Hamburg

T-Solid 4IPC - a breakthrough 3-row roller blade bearing for low wind site & offshore turbines
The new pitch bearing T-Solid 4IPC (PresseBox) (Gremsdorf, ) IMO introduces at WindEnergy Hamburg a new pitch bearing focused at the latest 3–4MW low-wind onshore turbines and offshore turbines in the 6 – 8MW class, increasingly incorporating individual pitch control (IPC) for structural load reduction.

The ‘T-Solid 4IPC’ bearing builds technologically on the design principles of IMO’s innovative T-Solid ball-type pitch bearing introduced already in 2012. With IPC operation, characterized by much increased pitching actions, the new T-Solid 4IPC offers a matching extension of bearing life.

Scaled models of T-Solid 4IPC will be displayed at IMO`s booth. Company experts are at all exhibition days available to explain visitors on the combined technical and commercial benefits of T-Solid 4IPC further including lower ring stresses for higher reliability, and ultimately a considerable reduction in LCOE.

IMO: Hall 5/228


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