Highly dynamic: basICColor input – RAW and ICC profiling

basICColor input 5 is as dynamic as the digital camera market. Version 5.1 presents itself with support for new cameras and new targets
(PresseBox) (Penzberg, ) „Developing software for camera profiling is subject to much shorter intervals than developing other color management solutions“ says Karl Koch, basICColor´s CEO. „Creating Digital Camera Profiles (DCP) for RAW development is extremely demanding. As the manufacturer of the only software that makes native DCPs basICColor lives up to these expectations.“

In addition to the support of new color charts like the CMP Refcard Color Master from France, basICColor input supports more camera models so that the DC Profiles automatically show up in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) and in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and can be used instantly. Compared to the generic profiles installed with these applications you will see an immediate improvement in color accuracy. Individually created profiles will characterize your own camera and the lens you use much better than a generic profile ever could.

Christopher Campbell, painter and photographer from Pennsylvania seconds that:
„After years of being unsatisfied with the fidelity of color and tone in documenting my paintings, I am finding that the combination of Sony a7RII sensor / Zeiss lenses / Einstein E640 flash and basICColor Input 5 profiles is absolutely gorgeous. The richness of the profiles are proving their worth even with images made under difficult circumstances, as in photographing paintings in museums using a hand-held camera in available light. When my wife, a professor of art history, saw a recent photograph of Cézanne's „The Bay of Marseille, Seen from l’Estaque“ (Art institute of Chicago) that I made for her lecture, she exclaimed, "That's the first time I've ever seen that painting look right in reproduction!”“

And Benjamin Didier, photographer from France says:
"I am now able to get very subtle colors, it is so important for my color work“.
If you see Benjamin Didier´s images on basICColor´s photokina booth you will see what Benjamin was talking about.

This outstanding quality can even be improved by utilizing the unique features, basICColor input 5 offers: You can combine several targets into one profile. You can add a Munsell Linear Grayscale, for example, in order to perfect the gray balance. With 2 shots of the same target under different lighting conditions you can improve the accuracy when developing RAW files under different color temperatures. Of course, both features can be combined these are options no other software offers.

For Phase One´s Capture One Pro we offer an interesting innovation: basICColor input 5.1 will make the ICC-profiles required by Capture One directly from the RAW files captured with different cameras.

At photokina 2016 input 5.1 and the outstanding results achieved by photographers in the field will be demonstrated for the first time. In hall 4.1, booth H042 basICColor Experts answer all your questions regarding camera profiling from RAW, TIFF or JPEG files as well as all aspects of color management – be it monitor calibration, ICC profiling of printers device linking, quality control in fine art or proof printing as well as efficient color workflows.

Please arrange an appointment on http://www.basiccolor.de/... or just drop by in our alpine world in hall 4.1, H042 where color management becomes visible and tangible.


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