United Planet invites to its Partner Day in the Netherlands

Digital Workplace as world-wide driver for innovation
The participants of the latest Partner Day in Freiburg, © United Planet GmbH, Printout free of charge (PresseBox) (Freiburg, ) United Planet’s International Partner Day is taking place close to Amsterdam on the 5th of October. Digitalization experts and IT system houses are acquainting themselves with the market potential of the Digital Workplace.

Individual work processes aren’t the only thing that are changing because of digital transformation. It extends beyond this and is even upsetting entire business models – but it’s also a driver for innovation. New technologies, new products and ultimately, new jobs. It’s not just German companies that are recognizing the relevance of this subject.

That’s why the software producer, United Planet, is sending out invitations to its first Partner Day in the Netherlands. On the 5th of October 2016, the focus at the premises Informaat B.V. close to Amsterdam in Baarn will be on how companies can get their piece of the digitalization pie.

Digital transformation is happening everywhere

Julien Berteraut, Head of International Business Development and Sales at United Planet, describes the aim of the Partner Day: “Digital transformation is happening everywhere and the Netherlands is one of the most digitally ready countries in the world. Together with our partners, we aim to better address customer needs and requirements, and position our product, Intrexx, as a key platform for those organizations.”

In Marcel Koster’s keynote, he will be focusing on the important role of user-experience in intranet and portal projects. The manager of Informaat will show attendees what absolutely needs to be taken into account for successful implementation for customers.

HECTAS – a leading European quality service provider in the area of infrastructural building management – will then report about their experience with digitalization with Intrexx in a roundtable discussion.

The additional presentations will go into more detail about the principle of the Digital Workplace. Mr. Berteraut is certain: “The positioning of Intrexx as a Digital Workplace platform is key to our success. In my presentation, I will show the features that make companies using Intrexx more efficient organizations.”

The key details:

Date: October 5th 2016

Time: 12:00 – 17:00

Place: Informaat B.V. / Jacob van Lenneplaan 57, 3743 AP Baarn, Netherlands

Register for free at: https://www.intrexx.com/partnerday-amsterdam/sign-up


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