Individualised load-securing demonstrated on a Kögel Cargo

Koegel Cargo (PresseBox) (Hanover, )
  • Kögel Cargo: with a high degree of customisation
  • Wide range of options for load-securing
At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016, Kögel is demonstrating a wide variety of load-securing packages on a Kögel Cargo. The Cargo comes with standard equipment, delivering well-known benefits such as low maintenance costs and high-quality workmanship. The VarioFix perforated steel external frame is equipped with 13 pairs of lashing rings for securing the load, each ring affording 2,000 kg of tensile force. The body naturally meets the body stability standards of DIN EN 12642 Code XL, making any additional load-securing unnecessary for form-fitted loads. Thanks to the use of the standard Kögel integral roof tarpaulin, there are no straps left hanging down when the roof is open because they are integrated into the roof tarpaulin. This means that the straps cannot get snagged up when loading and unloading.

Optimum load-securing to meet the most varied requirements

The presented trailer at IAA 2016 is equipped with different optional load-securing packages in each rung section for transporting waste paper, beverages and tyres. One rung section exhibits the Kögel side-protection.
In addition to an optional riveted pallet limiting rail, the waste paper package consists of two rows of steel combination anchoring rails, a series of aluminium insertable slats or lattices and aluminium telescoping load-securing beams to secure the load in or against the direction of travel. Normally, three rows of aluminium lattices would suffice for single-layer transport, with an additional row of lattices required for every additional layer.
As well as the optional riveted pallet limiting rail, the individual equipment for the secure transport of crates and barrels demonstrates how a plank tarpaulin can be used with six vertical aluminium slats on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, this variant features two rows of aluminium lattices. Thanks to an adapter, the third row of lattices in the depot is not needed. In another rung section, two variants for tyre transport are on display. Variant 1 on the left-hand side includes three in-depot aluminium support laths, as well as four steel combination anchoring rails from below per rung section, an aluminium support lath above and a cross brace with lashing strap conforming to DIN EN 12195-2. Variant 2 on the right-hand side is also equipped with three aluminium support laths in the depot. For each rung section, it also features three aluminium support laths and two steel combination anchoring rails, as well as a vertical steel combination anchoring rail that can be hung centrally in the rung section. For this variant too a cross brace with a lashing strap conforming to DIN EN 12195-2 is needed for each rung section. For load securing against the travel direction, both versions include a locking beam in the upper area and a cross tensioning device. Thanks to the 150-millimetre support laths and steel combination anchoring rails with a maximum spacing of 350 millimetres, Kögel's solutions now match the guidelines set out by Michelin for the transport of tyres. The lashing straps can be fastened either to the lashing hook lugs or to the combination anchoring rails.

More individual equipment options

The exhibited Cargo trailer is equipped with an optional ice-free system. This long inflatable air hose is mounted underneath the roof tarpaulin. When inflated, the hose pushes the tarpaulin upward in the shape of a slightly pointed roof, and accumulated water, snow and ice are easily and conveniently removed. This allows drivers to safely remove water and ice from truck tarpaulin roofs before and after driving, preventing serious accidents caused by falling chunks of ice. The roof tarpaulin also offers an anti-vandalism option. This consists of steel ropes integrated in a 160 by 160 grid in the roof tarpaulin. This prevents the theft of goods from above, and unwelcome stowaways cannot enter through the roof. For optimum load-securing, the VarioFix perforated steel external frame is equipped with and optional 24 pairs of lashing rings, each ring affording 2,000 kg of tensile force. Further special equipment includes an axle lift for the first axle, a riveted pallet limiting rail with a VarioFix drilling pattern, two pairs of additional stake bearings on the external frame, and more.

Cathodic dip-paint coating: lasting protection from corrosion

In the Kögel Cargo, the entire vehicle frame is given long-lasting protection from corrosion by nano ceramic and cathodic dip-paint coating, supplemented with UV painting.


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