INFORS HT launches new high-performing bench-top bioreactor - Minifors 2

Full range of applications for microbial cultivations
Minifors 2 (PresseBox) (Bottmingen, ) Minifors 2 continues a proven idea - a compact bioreactor system, which is almost as easy to operate as an incubation shaker - without compromising the ability to add equipment needed for today's bioprocesses.

"With the Minifors 2, both beginners and experienced users get a complete package for the cultivation of microorganisms which allows them to perform their bioprocesses with ease," explains Dr. Hebel, Product Manager of Bioreactors at Infors AG.

The compact bioreactor has a powerful direct drive as standard, as well as two mass flow controllers for fully automatic gassing with up to two gasses (air, air and oxygen, air and nitrogen). With its four pumps, which can be configured according to requirements for fixed speed operation for pH regulation or addition of anti-foam agent, or for variable speed operation for additional feeds, it can accommodate optimization of the bioprocess. Digital pH and pO2 sensors are also included in the package. With additional options and the connection to the platform software eve®, bioprocesses can be more simply planned and further optimized.
Numerous details make lab life simpler. The culture vessel, available in three sizes, is fully equipped with an exhaust gas cooler, sparger, inlets for corrective agents and feeds, foam sensor, and the INFORS HT Super Safe Sampler as the sampling system. Thanks to the up to three free Pg13.5 ports, the equipment can be easily expanded. Because of the single-walled design and sophisticated temperature control system, the culture vessels are easy to transport and connect to the base unit.

The operation of the Minifors 2 was deliberately designed so that the device can be used without lengthy training. The process-relevant parameters are available immediately on the customizable favourites view on the touchscreen. Alarms can also be recognized from afar. The software systematically guides the user through all work steps, e.g., calibration of sensors, in several languages. There is also on-screen help with the most important information on components and applications.
The bioreactor, which is delivered preconfigured and ready-to-use, has a small footprint of 455 x 375 mm and therefore fits in any laboratory.

Minifors 2 is compatible with the new bioprocess platform software eve. Because all parameters and settings are logged directly in the device and can be exported to a USB drive, the Minifors 2 is also suitable for stand-alone operation.

The Minifors 2 is immediately available from INFORS HT and INFORS HT distribution partners.


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