Intelligent building technology - perfectly networked

The BAC interface module IO 420: the networker for building management systems
The BACnet interface module IO 420 for integrating Powerturn into the building management system, Photo: GEZE GmbH (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) GEZE products turn buildings into “Smart Buildings”. They can be integrated into higher-ranking building management systems to automate a wide range of building functions. The new interface module IO 420 allows GEZE automatic door systems, window technology and smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) as well as safety technology to be integrated quickly and easily in network solutions with BACnet and networked with each other over the BACnet MS/TP connection.

The IO 420 module enables central visualisation and control of all automatic door systems via the building management system. For example, the operating mode of automatic doors can be displayed and controlled remotely. Emergency exit protection systems (RWS) can be released. To open the door in an emergency, the electric lock and the swing door drive are controlled automatically. In combination with a smoke and heat extraction system (RWA), extensive ventilation scenarios can be realised. The operating modes of self-locking panic locks can also be invoked and activated. Fire protection doors, which are held open electrically with hold-open systems, can be closed from a central point. Remote monitoring and setting of the operating modes of doors and escape route control units as well as the control and operation of windows has considerable advantages: It saves time, increases safety and optimises the energy balance.

Comfort and safety networked: Multifunctional door solutions from GEZE integrated in the building management system

GEZE is demonstrating its systems expertise with a multifunctional swing door system as an escape and rescue solution with fire protection functionality. Its advantages are a high variety of functions to realise various safety and comfort functions, creative freedom, networking opportunities, simple installation and outstanding design. Via the BACnet interface module IO 420 from GEZE, the door drive system can be integrated into the building management system and therefore into smart building networking.

Flexible and fit for the future – Integration into building management system

The overall system combines automatic barrier-free ease of access with complete door sensor security, fire protection, emergency exit protection, increased anti-burglary protection and central visualisation and control via a building management system. One highlight of the door system is the award-winning “strong” automatic swing door drive Powerturn. This enables individual door solutions and door scenarios at prestigious entrances and high interior doors to be realised. The Powerturn also opens large and heavy single and double-leaf doors (including fire protection doors with a closing force up to size EN 7) easily and securely. With the swing door drive Powerturn, the manual opening is also very easy thanks to the smart swing function. With its discreet design and an overall height of only 7 centimetres, the Powerturn blends in with any installation situation. It moves the door leaf with widths up to 930 mm and weights up to 600 kg. The Powerturn F/R (fire & smoke protection) version for fire protection doors combines innovation and design – the smoke control unit is invisibly integrated into the cover. With a single Powerturn version and the smart GEZE installation system, six different installation types can be achieved simply, securely and without loss of power.

GEZE is presenting its complete system with:
  • the Powerturn F/R drive version for fire protection doors
  • the very slim safety sensor GC 338 with integrated wall blanking
  • the IQ lock EL electronic motor lock that is optimum for swing doors
  • the TZ 320 door control unit, the centrepiece of escape door control and leading safety component of the entire door system
  • the FTV 320 escape door lock
  • the BACnet IO 420 interface module
Even greater networked security, comfort and flexibility

GEZE window solutions in building management systems

For reliable smoke and heat extraction (RWA) or convenient ventilation: As a system provider and a specialist in customised window technology solutions, GEZE automates window and façade elements of a wide variety of sizes, weights, shapes and opening types. GEZE is presenting complete smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) with the “intelligent” IQ window drives and the modular emergency power control unit MBZ 300.

Integration in the building management system via the BACnet interface module IO 420 makes the window systems “smart” and so increases security and comfort. This enables the status of smoke and heat extraction (RWA) windows to be monitored or smoke and heat extraction ventilation doors to be controlled. Windows can be controlled with different ventilation scenarios, independently of the temperature, rain/wind or ambient air quality, the time of day or the presence of people. Rooms are cooled automatically at night according to parameters defined in the building management system.

Intelligent windows for Smart Buildings

The chain drives Slimchain and Powerchain and the spindle drive E 250 NT have flexible use. They differentiate between alarm (RWA) and ventilation mode, in other words a fast and maximum and/or a slow and limited opening. The adjustable drive stroke and the individually adaptable opening speed enable usage on RWA and ventilation windows of various sizes and with different opening requirements. If an "RWA event" occurs, the drives can attain very large opening widths in under 60 seconds. With the locking drive Power lock, they form the IQ windowdrive product family with the universal GEZE design. The integrated, intelligent control allows drives to be networked easily. It ensures the sequential and safe opening and closing of the windows as well as the synchronisation of up to three drives. GEZE of course achieves the required protection – depending on the point of installation and usage – by means of sensors or protective strips.

Barrier-free access and fire protection:

GEZE hold-open systems in the building management system

Fire protection doors which, in an emergency, must close safely and self-actingly, can also be used for barrier-free access. Hold-open systems keep them open electrically until they are either closed manually or – in the event of a fire – by the smoke switch being released. This helps to reliably prevent the spread of fire. With the new BACnet interface module IO 420, hold-open systems from GEZE can be integrated into the building management system. They therefore offer additional security and comfort, as doors are monitored at management level and can be closed centrally.

GEZE is presenting a visually very discreet hold-open system with the free-swing door closer Boxer EFS integrated in the door leaf, the version of the TS 5000 EFS that is not visual from the outside. Alongside the free-swing function (for accessing a door with minimal effort), the system offers a further advantage: The unique, standard, comfort hold-open function enables a door locked in position at the end of the free-swing area without closing in an uncontrolled manner or jamming in a partially closed position – if there is a draught for example. Automatic closing of the door is maintained. The smoke switch control unit RSZ6 for early detection of smoke and fire is integrated into the door closer in such a way that the entire look of the door is not hampered by additional components. The door closers can be set variably up to the highest closing force EN 6 and so can be used on single and double leaf fire and smoke protection doors with a leaf width of up to 1400 millimetres.

Hidden safety specialists:

The integrated new Lock A automatic hook bolt lock for automatic sliding doors

Whether in shopping centres, pharmacies or hotels – GEZE automatic sliding door systems open and close entrances reliably and conveniently and provide barrier-free access. The new Lock A automatic hook bolt locks provide increased locking security, e.g. in night mode. GEZE will present this in a fine-framed sliding door system with the Slimdrive SL NT drive system in the traditional GEZE “7-centimetre design”. The door system can be integrated in the building management system via the new BACnet interface module IO 420. This increases the security and ease of operation, because the remote visualisation and control of the operating mode of course extends to the hook bolt locks.

Fully integrated into the main closing edge, the leaf profile “locks” are concealed and fit discreetly within the door design. There is no need to fit additional parts or prepare the floor. Locking is provided by hooks that are actually built into the main closing edge itself – thus providing high security from the outset. The Lock A automatic hook bolt locks are activated via a crossbar lock drive integrated in the leaf. These are parametrised and controlled via the sliding door control. In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened from the inside at any time by manual emergency unlocking. Depending on the size of the door leaves, up to two hook bolt locks can be used for each door. The new Lock A automatic hook bolt locks are available as kits, or they can be configured via the corresponding sliding door system.


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