Modular Microliter Pump

New Variants with extended range of functions
Modular Microliter Pump (PresseBox) (Kirchheim unter Teck, ) The modular, multi-channel microliter pump was developed for conveying a wide variety of fluids and combines all the benefits of different pump systems, such as diaphragm, piston injection and peristaltic pumps. In addition to the OEM variants and designs with BLDC motors, programmable pumps are also now available for the first time.

Up to 10 channels can be operated in parallel.

The individual pump heads allow connection to different tubes to suit the conveying medium and required flow rate. This ensures that a measured volume is conveyed into each channel regardless of pressure fluctuations in the adjacent channels.

The new versions, which are freely configurable by the user, have an intelligent control electronics system and can be programmed directly at the pump. The joystick and display guides the user through an intuitive operating menu. As well as selecting between individually controlled or cyclically programmed flow rate delivery, runtimes and parameters can also be set to increase precision. Data for the operating time of individual components can also be accessed and adjusted.

The inexpensive fluidic part of the pump which comes into contact with the conveyed medium is also designed to be disposable in these versions, and can be exchanged by means of a simple coupling action.


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