Tv-Domains - the Domains for Streaming Media

Young people prefer smartphones in order to watch movies (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) ICANN accredited Registar Secura is announcing today, that the company will offer bundles of streaming media and .tv-domains ( and

There are providers, which are offering webspace for streaming media. There
are registrars, which are registering tv-domains. But that's new: Secura, an
IcANN accredited registrar, is offering both in
combination ( and

Anyone, who is connected with tv or audiovisual medias, should secure its own
tv-domain - because the offer is then self-explaining by the suffix
"tv".The .tv-domain is appropiate for tv-channel and tv-serials, but not only.
Webcams, video on demand, all kind of audiovisual medias at the web should be
connected with tv, as interested consumers try to find such offers by typing a
keyword+tv into the browser.

A free forwarding to an existing website is included in Secura's offer to
register tv-domains.

The tv-domains are "trendy". They arise the associations of television,media,
modernity. The Top Level Domain .tv is managed -like .com and .net- by
Verisign and has by this de facto the status of an international domain. This
development was favored by the fact, that .tv is used as synonym for
television and also for many websites with web tv and media stream

Internet users from around the globe are adopting .tv as their Web address of
choice. .tv works exactly like a .com or .net address, but allows you to brand
you or your company using the most recognized and used two-letter symbol in
the world: tv.

Here are just a few reasons why .tv is for you:

A name at .tv is a simple domain name that everyone will remember. A name
at .tv rises your site above the clutter. A name at .tv is a valuable domain
name. Take .tv as name for your podcast, as only .tv fits to podcasts.

With .tv you take your brand and online presence to the next level. With .tv
you stand out from your competitors. With .tv you get more traffic to your
site, as everybody looks for television and audiovisuell offers at first
at .tv.

With registration of .tv you protect your brand. You need .tv, if have flash
or streaming media on your site. You need .tv, if you have an interactive
product that needs a separate identity.

Hans-Peter Oswald


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D-50858 Koeln
Hans-Peter Oswald


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