New design effects using in-mold decoration

Kurz IMD design with novel tactile wave effect (PresseBox) (Fürth/Germany, ) Leonhard Kurz will be demonstrating its high-performance and sophisticated IMD (In-Mold Decoration) technology at K 2016 in Düsseldorf. On display will be plastic door trims from the automotive sector that have been decorated by means of the IMD process. The distinctive feature of these components is the multiple design effects that reflect current design trends.

One of the components being exhibited at the Kurz booth features a single image design with a sophisticated day and night appearance that has been applied by means of in-mold decoration. During daylight, the viewer sees an elegant, opaque multi-colored design. At night, the door trim has a surprisingly different appearance with partial backlighting. Trade fair visitors will be able to see a live demonstration of how this mood-setting ambient lighting is produced. At booth D22 in Hall 15, occupied by Kurz’s project partner Sumitomo Demag, these partially backlit door trims will be produced and decorated by injection molding.

A further special effect that will be demonstrated with a door trim is a harmonic combination of visual decoration and tactile structure. The component is given an authentic wood look and a matt finish by means of IMD coating. In addition, the visible wood structures are reinforced by a novel tactile wave effect that is produced by the IMD mold. This novel combination of structuring/decoration, in which Kurz is pushing the boundaries of the IMD technology, will be on display at the trade fair booth.

Components produced by means of the in-mold decoration process can also be equipped with sensor functions using one of the highly economical processes developed by Kurz. At the Kurz booth A19 in Hall 5, visitors will be able to see examples of IMD components with integrated touch and gesture sensors.


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