PCAP Projected Capacitive Touch Upgrade for existing Devices

Easily replace a resistive Touch Screen with analog and identically constructed modern PCT Touch Panel without any hard- and software adjustments
Upgrade durch PCAP Projected Capacitive Touchscreen von resistiven Touches (PresseBox) (Gilching, ) Display Solution AG, a leading industrial and medical LCD solution provider, now offers a competitive advantage to upgrade existing devices with resistive touch technology to contemporary PCAP touch operation.

The replacement ability is based on our Partner PowerViews outstanding new and patent pending touch development and long term manufacturing experience. Effortless for electronic business customers and their developers due to identically constructed dimensions and analog performance.

Conventional resistive 4- and 5-Wire Touch Screens are operated by pressure to the surface of fingers, pen or other devices. The surface consists of two layers, mostly one of glass. Glass surface causes lowerings in brightness, contrast and finally fuzzy display content. Besides the glass surface is prone to scratches and abrasion.

The worldwide use of PCAP Projected Capacitive Touch Screens on Smartphones prompted the industry to also adopt and switch to PCT multi touch technology. A cost effective solution to match customers expectations is now offered by Display Solution AG and PowerView.
Easily touch technology upgrade or replacement for existing devices due to the new unique development.


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