Data-based Business Model for Energy Suppliers: Arvato Systems Introduces Energy Data Platform

New Industry Conference Celebrates Premiere in Leipzig
Arvato Systems will introduce a big data platform for energy data at the new energy world trade fair (PresseBox) (Gütersloh/Leipzig, )
  • Arvato Systems will introduce a big data platform for energy data at the premiere of new energy world from 5–6 April
  • Arvato Systems supports energy suppliers in transitioning to modern data-based supplier models such as the tenant electricity model
Arvato Systems will introduce a technological approach that allows energy data to be used for additional energy services at the new industry conference new energy world in Leipzig.

A networked energy system with decentralized producers, consumers, and storage provides energy suppliers with the opportunity to develop many additional (data-based) business ideas alongside supplying energy, thereby attracting additional clients and yielding greater profits. Arvato Systems has developed a corresponding modular Smart Energy Platform that unites solutions for energy, grid, load, and flexibility product management. Individual service products such as energy efficiency or smart meter applications can be easily mapped on the platform. Importantly, all of the components in the field only need to be networked once. Once the big data data model has been defined, it is scalable with as many services as desired, and many new business models can be tested and implemented.

Hartmut Entrup, the Head of the Smart-X division at Arvato Systems, will explain how this works as part of the professional portion of new energy world. During his presentation on 6 April, he will explain how utilities can successfully leverage the flow of data on the new smart markets. He will also refer to current application scenarios from the energy sector, taking as examples concrete business cases for private, commercial, and industrial clients in the energy sector 2.0. Networked services in the field of smart energy offer a great deal of potential; suppliers can offer these services, such as the so-called ‘tenant electricity model,’ to their clients. This supply model involves public utilities installing and operating a cogeneration plant for clients in their basements and/or a photovoltaic system for clients on their roofs (which, during operation, generates heat as well as electricity). The tenants then consume the power they generate directly; however, they continue to have an energy supply contract in place with the public utilities’ energy sales division, in the form of a corresponding tenant electricity contract.

New energy world is a conference with an accompanying exhibit, and addresses current changes in the networked energy market related to energy management, services, and systems. It will be held for the first time from 5–6 April at the Congress Center Leipzig.


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