MEGA-Drill-Steel-Plus: 50 percent longer drilling with significantly higher performance

MAPAL is presenting a new generation of the MEGA-Drill-Steel for steel machining (PresseBox) (Aalen, ) With modified cutting edges and chip flutes, the twin cutting edged MEGA-Drill-Steel drill is suitable for reliable and cost-effective drilling in steel materials. MAPAL is now presenting a new generation of this drill, the MEGA-Drill-Steel-Plus, that offers users a significant boost in wear resistance and performance.

On the one hand, the chip flute geometry has been optimised. On the other hand, a newly developed coating is used. In combination with the modified cutting edge preparation, this offers a 50 percent longer tool life. Furthermore, the performance of the new drill has been significantly improved. Drilling is possible with a 15 percent higher cutting speed and a 15 percent higher feed rate compared with the predecessor model. That means lower costs per part and hence more cost-effectiveness for the user.

The new drills from the MEGA-Drill-Steel-Plus series are available in the diameter range from 3 to 25 mm and the shank forms HA and HE for steel machining. With internal cooling the drills are available in lengths of 3xD, 5xD and 8xD, without internal cooling in lengths of 3xD and 5xD.


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