Clean hall air in Down Under: DIGGA is entrusting KEMPER technology

The production hall of DIGGA Australia with the KEMPER equipment (PresseBox) (Vreden, ) KEMPER GmbH has successfully signed a project assignment in Australia for fitting a production line with a clean air system. For the largest manufacturer of attachments for construction machinery in Down Under, DIGGA Machinery Attachments, the German company is delivering work protection equipment for 26 welding workplaces. These have extraction arms which can be moved flexibly and are rotatable through 360 degrees. They are self-supporting in the air and, with the properties of their extraction hood, capture up to 40% more of the harmful welding fumes. The extraction arms are connected via pipe system with two central extraction units of the System 9000 type. These are suited for large volumes of dust and extract more than 99.99% of the alveolar particles. Automatic filter cleaning allows uninterrupted operation. The suction units are low noise. The dust is collected free from contamination.

Within only ten days SMENCO, KEMPER's distributor in Australia, installed the unit, complete with its equipment, as a turnkey project in the production workshop in Yatala in the Australian state of Queensland. Earlier, DIGGA had a smaller KEMPER extraction unit in use. "After the refit, DIGGA is still convinced by KEMPER technology", confirms Anthony England of SMENCO Australia.


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