Faster results when planning with DIALux evo 7.1

Faster design, norm-compliant planning and calculation / Calculation of individual rooms and light scenes / Enter dimensions and contours directly in 2D and 3D views
With the update it is now possible to select one light scene for calculation (PresseBox) (Lüdenscheid, ) With DIALux evo 7.1 DIAL has put a new version of its light planning software onto the market. This update includes decisive innovations for faster work processes. DIALux is now even easier to handle for design and norm-compliant planning and calculation.

Calculation times are now much shorter

With this update the designer can provide normative values much more easily. During the positioning of luminaires the results appear much more quickly on the calculation surface. So the user can evaluate the illuminance and the uniformity without having to carry out a complete calculation.

Instead of selecting the whole building, it is now possible to select one single room or one light scene for calculation. Only the room or the floor of the building which is currently visible on the screen is calculated.

Enter values directly in 2D and 3D view

Together with the update it has been possible to improve room-based design. The values can now be entered manually when creating contours and objects in the 2D or 3D view. With DIALux evo 7.1 it is now also possible to determine the value range for the ceiling height. This information can be found in the tool »room summary«. The exact mounting positions of the luminaires are documented in the luminaire layout plan. The positioning of a suspended ceiling for different roof constructions can be improved.


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