Outstanding: ROWASOL wins the ECCO Award

Gitsada Boonchirt, Managing Director of the ECCO-tannery in Thailand (left) hands the ECCO-Award to Udo Wilkens, Managing Director of ROWASOL (PresseBox) (Pinneberg, ) During the ECCO Code of Conduct audit ROWASOL has been awarded for outstanding performances. “In the ROWA GROUP, we see audits as an opportunity for improvement and the chance to make a positive impression on customers,” says Udo Wilkens, Managing Director of ROWASOL. The distinction is embossed on beige leather from ECCO’s own tannery, bril-liantly colored and signed by ECCO executives. The shoe manufacturer headquartered in Denmark and the German main office in Hamburg is, therefore, represented in Wilkens’ office in Pinneberg too: an eye-catcher and an incentive, at the same time.

The chemical engineer accepted the leather certificate in person in Bangkok during the “Code of Conduct and Global Vendor Symposium”. ECCO has its own works outside of the gates of Thailand’s capital in the former royal city of Ayutthaya. Soles of thermoplastic polyurethane are injection-molded here as well as in four further locations in Asia and Europe – a procedure for which ECCO has relied on the know-how from Pinneberg since 2014: ROWASOL supplies the liquid colors to dye the TPU outer soles.

The thermoplastic plastic is not just very resistant to abrasion and shock-absorbing, it can also be dyed to any color with the right coloristic experience. “We currently offer a portfolio with over 140 individually adjusted colors for ECCO” says Udo Wilkens. However, the managing director doesn’t just want to show his colors when it comes to shoe soles but also in the continued improvement in the cooperation overall – as a sound basis for future awards.


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