True to its Roots: MEN Mikro Elektronik Invests in a Further Company Building at the Headquarters in Nuremberg

Continuous growth calls for another company building
True to its Roots: MEN Mikro Elektronik Invests in a Further Company Building at the Headquarters in Nuremberg (PresseBox) (Nuremberg, ) MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH is a guarantee for innovative, reliable and flexible solutions at the highest technological level. Now the medium-sized company is building the fourth company building in Nuremberg – with sustainability and environmental awareness.

Investing into the Future

The 35-year company history of MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH has changed a lot – the number of employees has steadily increased, the product range has specialized, worldwide subsidiaries have been added and a further managing director has assumed office. What has never changed, however, is the main business location in Bavarian Nuremberg.

However, more than 300 employees and an annual company growth of 15% call for a steady further development and investment in the future. This is why MEN is building a fourth company building in Northern Nuremberg now – and remains faithful to its roots.

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious

The new building offers three floors of office space for approximately 75 employees, as well as a new reception and meeting area for customers and partners. An important aspect of the planning process was the flexible and functional room layout, as well as a future-oriented building technology.

MEN has set the bar high: the new building has to be sustainable, long-lasting, timeless, functional and, above all, it needs an ecologically conscious design. The optimal utilization of the building ground as well as the minimization of the house technology were decisive factors. The energy engineering of the building is based on the principle of component activation. Heat recovery and multiple energy use are a major issue. In addition, the building is thermally connected to the eight-meter-deep sandstone.

The new building is designed to prevent the "residents" from being exposed to health risks, to save energy and to protect the environment – so the large trees on the company premises can also be preserved. In the future, the sports-minded staff will have additional changing rooms and showers in the basement. A highlight will be the green roof, which surrounds an additional meeting room – overlooking the Nuremberg Castle!


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