Fraunhofer HHI at ECOC in Gothenburg

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) At ECOC 2017 Fraunhofer HHI presents the latest developments in Photonic Networks, Systems and Components in Gothenburg, Sweden, during September 18-20, 2017.

You find the following highlights at Fraunhofer Booth 301, Hall 1:

Generic InP Foundry Platform - One InP technology to cover a vast variety of monolithic or hybrid integration solutions

Fraunhofer HHI fabricates individual photonic integrated circuits. Fraunhofer HHI offers an InP platform that integrates receivers (40GHz), transmitters (20GHz) and (1dB/cm) passive components. Partners offer services for design work and packaging.

Hybrid PICs - The best of all worlds

Fraunhofer HHI’s hybrid integration platform PolyBoard allows for rapid prototyping, short iteration cycles and low upfront development effort. The technology allows the integration of on-chip free space elements, 3D structures, graphene-based electro-absorption modulators, as well as other optical functionalities such as switches, variable optical attenuators, tunable lasers, and flexible high frequency and optical interconnects. The services of Fraunhofer HHI include simulation, CAD, technology development, device manufacturing, characterization, and qualification.

Visible Light Communication - Make your light smarter

Fraunhofer HHI presents the next generation Gigabit Visible Light Communication (VLC) modules for wireless Internet access via light. Outstanding features are the smaller form factor, lower energy consumption, enhanced coverage and multi-user access. A standard Ethernet interface allows easy network integration. The new modules are immediately available for industrial prototyping and field tests.

Coherent System Lab Demo

In a live remote lab demonstration, Fraunhofer HHI is showcasing its state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment for coherent system development, comprising:

·         optical multi-format transmitter
·         coherent optical frontend
·         optical loop control
·         VPItoolkitTM DSP Library.

56 GBd Components for Datacom - 56 GBd electroabsorptionmodulated DFB lasers (EMLs) and vertically illuminated photodiodes for datacom application

Fraunhofer HHI provides high-speed transmitter and receiver components for 400G Ethernet applications. The components are compliant with the IEEE P802.3bs standard.

Indium Phosphid Mach-Zehnder Modulator - O-Band High-speed Modulator

Fraunhofer HHI presents the state-of-the-art InP Mach-Zehnder Modulator with ultra-high bandwidth for O-Band applications.


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