MSC Technologies presents extremely bright industrial 17.78 cm (7.0') TFT displays from Evervision for outdoor use

Evervision 7 super high brightness (PresseBox) (Stutensee, Germany, ) MSC Technologies, a company of Avnet (NYSE: AVT), is introducing three large new 17.78 cm (7.0’) TFT displays from Evervision with WVGA and WSVGA resolution. The main feature of these industry displays is their outstanding brightness of up to 1750 cd/m² which permits a brilliant screen display and strong readability with high contrast even in the brightest sunlight. The powerful luminance is achieved using highly efficient LED background lighting.

Thanks to their high brightness, the new TFT displays are particularly suitable for outdoor applications. Moreover, the ultra-bright displays are also used in systems that may not require daylight visibility, but rather high energy efficiency and/or minimum self-heating.

 MSC Technologies offers three models of these 17.78 cm (7.0’) TFT displays. The flagship model is the VGG804806-6UFLW with WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels) which offers brightness of 1750 cd/m² and comes with a 1250 cd/m² IPCT touch panel. The second display model is the VGG106004-6UFLW with a WSVGA resolution (1024 x 600) which delivers 1000 cd/m² and is equipped with an 880 cd/m² IPCT touch panel. The third model is the VGG106007-0TSLW which offers a WSVGA IPS resolution (1024 x 600) and stands out due to its brightness of 1500 cd/m² and comes with a1230 cd/m² IPCT touch panel. Models with resistive touch screens and/or backlight LED drivers with PWM brightness control are available as options.

The included Ultra Wide Viewing (UWV) technology with extremely wide viewing angles of 80° in all directions makes it easy to install in either portrait or landscape layout without color inversion.

The ultra bright TFT displays are designed particularly for use in industrial or medical applications in bright environments due to their long-lasting capacity of 50,000 operating hours and powerful LED background lighting. These features make them ideal for outdoor applications such as outdoor terminals, parking ticket machines, e-car charging stations, POS, payment terminals, etc.

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