CompactPCI Serial Diagnostic Board with Front Display

CompactPCI Serial Diagnostic Board with Front Display (PresseBox) (Nuremberg, Germany, ) .
  • OLED mono-chrome display, 256 x 64 pixels
  • 2 front panel buttons for user interaction
  • 8 user LEDs on the front panel
  • Ethernet host interface
  • Local web browser
  • -40°C to +85°C screened
With the G233, MEN is extending its range of CompactPCI serial peripheral cards with a further feature. The card allows a simple integration of an OLED display on the front of a system for easier maintenance.

So that you no longer have to fumble in the dark

The G233 is a 3U CompactPCI serial card with a 3.12" OLED display on the front, which enables the immediate display of diagnostics status and error messages. The card is connected via a backplane Ethernet interface to a web server on the main CPU. The I/O card provides an easy-to-use, interactive diagnostic interface that helps maintenance personnel during troubleshooting, or performing routine service checks.

The displayed data is controlled by HTML files. Two control buttons at the front panel can be used for user interactions, such as scrolling or setup. In addition, eight programmable LEDs are available for user-defined functions. Thus, any status or fault message visible to the main CPU can be sent to the G233 and shown on the display or represented by the LEDs.

The G233 is designed for use in harsh and mobile environments with an operating temperature of -40 to +85°C, and is coated to protect against external influences.



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