INFORS HT and aquila biolabs offer the first easy-handling solution for automated feeding in shake flasks

With LIS, feeding experiments in shake flasks can be performed out automatically and cost-effectively. Scientists save valuable time, increase throughput and avoid unnecessary costs for feeding experiments and instead unlock completely new experiment
LIS by aquila biolabs. Copyright Fotostudio Rheinland (PresseBox) (Bottmingen, ) Since 2016, INFORS HT and aquila biolabs have successfully distributed the CGQ for non-invasive online biomass monitoring in shake flasks. In July 2017 both parties have agreed to continue and further expand the partnership. As of today, INFORS HT will additionally distribute aquila biolabs’ LIS (Liquid Injection System). LIS is the first global technology allowing for automated, parallelized and uncomplicated feeding experiments in shake flasks.

Currently, there is no technical solution to easily and quickly perform feeding experiments in shake flasks. Hence, scientists often perform these screenings or experiments in bioreactors and accept high costs and a low throughput. LIS however allows for easy, automated and highly parallelized feeding experiments in shake flasks.

LIS consist of two components: the drive, a programmable miniature pump, and the cartridge, a single use container with the shape of a shake flask lid. Fill the sterile cartridge with up to 25ml of any type of liquid, choose your individual feeding profile in the drive and install both together on the shake flask. LIS will now automatically feed the liquid into the shake flask. The whole experiment can be controlled and monitored wirelessly via the LIS software.

Currently, the CGQ and LIS are compatible with all types of laboratory shakers such as clamps and «Sticky Stuff» as well as 38 mm straight-neck glass and single use flasks in the sizes 100, 250, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 ml.

The CGQ and LIS are globally available from aquila biolabs as well as INFORS HT and in some countries from selected laboratory distributors.


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