3M E-A-R Switch Protection Earplugs: Flexible hearing protection

New earplugs adapt to different working environments
Dual-mode hearing protection that adapts to your environment (PresseBox) (Neuss, ) Today’s workforce needs to be more flexible than ever.  Often working on different tasks across different environments and in noisy, busy workplaces, workers will have varying requirements for their hearing protection – they need to be aware of their surroundings, be able to communicate with their co-workers and still remain protected at all times.  These new 3M E-A-R Switch Protection Earplugs are designed with these complex demands in mind.  The wearer can easily adapt the dual-mode hearing protection to suit the current working environment.

For a high degree of flexibility, the 3M E-A-R Switch Protection earplugs have two distinct modes – the normal mode of protection and an awareness mode.  The earplugs incorporate a patented acoustic filter that has been specifically designed to allow controlled pass through of low level sound for situational awareness whilst protecting against high levels of peak impulse noise.  This makes it possible to communicate with colleagues and to listen to potential dangers and warning signals.  Hearing protection is never compromised, whichever mode you are using.

Quick and easy switching between modes

Switching modes couldn’t be easier. The earplugs have a simple in-ear rocker switch that allows you to change mode, without removing them from your ears, even whilst wearing gloves.  For a high level of comfort, each pack of E-A-R switch protection earplugs includes one pair of ready assembled medium size earplugs and one pair of each of the three different size ear tips (small, medium and large) to help the wearer achieve the best possible fit quickly and efficiently. The patented retainer is designed to keep the earplugs in place whilst moving around.

Also included is a lightweight case for convenient storage that can be worn on the belt when not in use.

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