camLine releases LineWorks Recipe Management 6.1

Now available with with fine grained control on parameter level
RM 6.1 (PresseBox) (Petershausen, ) camLine, a software company specialized in developing solutions for manufacturing excellence, announced the new Release 6.1 of its LineWorks RM recipe management system. It is a connected, IT-based infrastructure solution for the production with the intention to provide the overall and clear evidence of entire manufacturing processes for their unambiguous identification. For comparison, the IDs of both, salable products and manufacturing equipment, can be captured in many different ways and without effort. However, the unique registration of the integrated manufacturing processes and their changes is a special challenge for production sites. It can have far-reaching consequences for the manufacturers with respect to their future competitiveness. The management of process changes and their traceability is associated with many business processes. A remarkable potential lies in their efficient rationalization to reduce manufacturing costs.

Advanced features in the area of parameters and recipe body management, recipe object visualization as well as validation are available in the release of version 6.1. Furthermore, improvements have been made to the user interface. With the newly introduced parameter tags and options, the user has evolved capabilities to classify parameters based on their usage. Additionally it is possible to store parameter options at parameter level. These options are name-value pairs (additional data) stored per parameter. It encapsulates user-defined flags / options that are further interpreted by the customer's EI (Equipment Integration).

Customer specific validation rules can be defined in the recipe object validators. Via the recipe object templates it is possible to enable the validations in a controlled manner. This ensures a gradual deployment of the new validations.

The new version offers a flexible and consistent user interface to setup the custom recipe object and recipe body visualizations.
The end-user will benefit from the single sign-on capabilities of the improved user interface.
Furthermore, the administration of the users and notifications are consolidated into a unified web-based user interface.


• Improved parameter management
• Recipe parameter tags and options
• Default limits

• Further customization of recipe parsing, validation, and visualization
• Recipe body custom pre-processors
• Enable custom validators in ROBDEF
• Management of recipe visualization files

• Usability
• Single sign-on
• NFM and UA administration in WebUI

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